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Project Code : R1-13-06-19-00-000-1
Project Description : Repair/Rehabilitation of Roofings, Ceiling, Gutter, Windows and Doors of the Provincial Capitol
Year : 2014
Program : Recovery Assistance on Yolanda (RAY)
Exact Location : CAPIZ PROVINCE
Project Type : Municipal Hall
Implementing Agency: LGU
Beneficiaries: LGU and NGA employee
Number of Beneficiaries: 1000
Number of Jobs Generated: 32

Project Status: Completed
Status Reason:
Date Submitted:
Submitted By:
Remarks: As per GPPB Resolution No. 34, S of 2014 re: Granting of Authoirty to all concerned Government Procuring Entities to procure goods and infrastructure projects for the purpose of providing rescue, recovery, relief and/or rehabiliation efforts for and to continue to provide basic services to victims in areas affeced by typhoon yolanda thru negotiated procurement under Sec 53.2 (Emergency cases).

Risk Rating:High Risk


Risk Trigger Risk Level Risk Causes Response Action Responsibility
Delay in posting of Invitation to Bidders High Risk USLG to issue final advisory to LGU and remind about the legal implications for the High Risk rating, and MLGOO to continue weekly monitoring USLG/MLGOO
Delay in issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP) to contractor High Risk USLG to issue final advisory to LGU and remind about the legal implications of High Risk rating, and MLGOO to continue bi-monthly monitoring USLG/MLGOO
Poor disbursement rates High Risk RD to issue final advisory to LGU to in turn issue Termination Letter to the Contractor and impose penalty clause in the signed Contract, and PD to secure copy of Termination Letter RD/PD


Target Start Date: 2014-06-17
Target Completion Date: 2014-09-15
Actual Start Date: 2014-06-17
Actual End Date: 0000-00-00

A. Physical Status

Milestones Target Actual
Sub-project Preparation
  • Approved Subproject Proposal/FS
  • MOA Signed
  • Approved DED
Procurement Process
  • Ad/ Posting ITB
  • BAC Resolution
  • Submission/ Opening of Bids
  • Issuance of Notice of Award
  • Issuance of Notice to Proceed
Construction/ Implementation
  • Start of Contract(Effectivity Date)
  • End of Contract(Completion Date)
  • Certificate of Acceptance

B. Financial Releases

Particulars Target Actual
Release of CAF
  • Amount
  • Date Release
First Tranche
  • Amount
  • Date Release
Second Tranche
  • Amount
  • Date Release

Project Costs

Allocated By National Government: Php 2,000,000.00

LGU Counterpart: Php 0.00
Financial Institution Fund: Php 0.00
Total Project Cost: Php 2,000,000.00


Physical Accomplishment

Year Month % Accomplished % Total as of the Month Total Amount Cost
2014 August76.9376.93Php 0.00
September1.8778.80Php 0.00
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Financial Accomplishment

NG Amount Disbursed LGU Amount Disbursed FI Amount Disbursed Total
Value of Work Accomplished Php 0.00
Disbursement Php 1,977,424.72 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 1,977,424.72
Balance Php -1,977,424.72
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