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DILG releases ‘Build Back Better’ Operations Manual to strengthen post-disaster recovery efforts

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) welcomes the release of its inaugural ‘Build Back Better’ (BBB) Operations Manual, designed to ensure effective implementation of post-disaster infrastructure in line with international principles of disaster resilience and recovery.

The BBB Operations Manual focuses on infrastructure preparedness measures, as a guide to ensuring that adequate preparation prior to calamities takes place in a timely,comprehensive and holistic manner.

Where effectively implemented, ‘Build Back Better’ then ensures the rehabilitation of structurally sound buildings that are more capable of withstanding calamities: thus help-ing to ensure greater protection of families and communities during times of disaster.

The ‘Build Back Better’ principles outlined in the manual include: consultation, information gathering, social inclusions, economic recovery, resilient infrastructure, resilient communities, local empowerment. These aim to further efforts to empower local authorities and communities to incorporate planning, consultation, analysis, design, construction and community in broader post-disaster recovery.

The manual provides four modules that will help to guide local engineers, planners and government officials in their efforts to rebuild local community structures to ‘Build BackBetter’ standards. These include: resilient infrastructure, project management, architecture and design, climate change, urban planning, engineering and quality construction.

Produced by a team of Australian volunteers in collaboration with the DILG, the manual takes international standards and frames of these in a local Philippines context. A series of flowcharts then help officials gather vital information, which then inform and strengthen decision making processes.

“‘Building Back Better’ ensures that communities live and work in disaster-resilient structures,” explained Sonja Bertotto, Australian volunteer and contributor to the manual.“This ultimately means less damage, destruction and loss of life during calamities.”

In partnership with LGUs     

In partnership with the national government, barangay officials, along with their respective city or municipal governments, are often at the forefront of preparedness for and response to disasters.

At a recent BBB workshop, Region VIII Director Pedro A. Noval described the manual as a “milestone” for DILG. “In this region we experienced the worst of (typhoon) Yolanda,” he said. “We ourselves know how difficult recovery can be. This (manual) will only help to strengthen our efforts to protect our communities, before before, during and after calamities.”

Download the BBB Operations Manual  

To download a PDF version (24MB) of the BBB Operations manual, please visit:


With view to continued partnership with relevant agencies, LGUs and the public, DILG welcomes comments, feedback and suggestions in relation to this document. Please direct all feedback to:

Ms. Helen Naddeo      

Communications Specialist - RAY DILG

Ph: 0917 500 6643


About RAY DILG  

On 8 November 2013, super typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan) struck the Philippines, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

In partnership with LGUs, and as part of larger government efforts to rehabilitate affected areas, DILG established the RAY DILG Fund. RAY DILG assist in the reconstruction of totally and partially-damaged provincial/city municipal buildings, public markets, civic centers and barangay infrastructure, with view to Building Back Better.

RAY DILG aims to facilitate sustainable, long-term recovery and return to normalcy government services and economic activities in Yolanda-affected areas.